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Omadream Bali architect is a contractor company offering architect services for commercial building design, such as: villa, office, hotel, resort, restaurant, and many other. Besides, Omadream serves the making of private residences showing its owner’s characteristics and achievements prioritizing aesthetics, balance, and harmonious special arrangement.

Our team at Omadream consists of professional architect in Bali with competency and experience in their field. They work ingeniously, planning the building process, starting from conducting survey, planning, to marketing, in order to provide primary design quality. Our clients trully realized that the making of a building with long term investment value, either to fulfill business purpose or private use, requires professional house architect services. So, we answer to that trust with the highest dedication.


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Omadream is not just a house architect service provider. The working process that we’ve gone through covers working planning and design making following our client’s needs, in accordance with local regulations, and synergizing with environmental conditions. Therefore, house design services that we offer doesn’t only include building design options, but also conformity solution to adapt to the building’s surrounding.

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As a professional villa design services provider, Omadream has materialized a number of client’s building design imagination, mainly those who work in hospitality industry and tropical private villas. Describe your imagination, and we are going to make your dream building comes true. Your Bali architecture design can also be adjusted to your budget.

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Paying attention to working details, Omadream offers competitive price on minimalist house design without compromising quality of work. Clients taking advantage to our minimalist house architects services are entitled for idea visualization in 3D and 2D, to clearly and thoroughly comprehend the building’s interior and exterior design planning.


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