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Omadream is a architect company in Bali offering architect services for commercial building design, such as: villa, office, hotel, resort, restaurant, and many other.


Omadream serves the making of private residences showing its owner’s characteristics and achievements prioritizing aesthetics, balance, and harmonious special arrangement.


Our team at Omadream consists of professional architect in Bali with competency and experience in their field. They work ingeniously, planning the building process, starting from conducting survey, planning, to marketing, in order to provide primary design quality.


Our clients trully realized that the making of a building with long term investment value, either to fulfill business purpose or private use, requires professional house architect services. So, we answer to that trust with the highest dedication.

Creative, Unique And Innovative Design
  • House Architect

    Omadream is your best house architects working partner capable of offering design solution for your aesthetic, modern, or minimalist house architect design, reflecting its owner’s style, identity, and personality.

  • 2D Design, 3D Design

    Design architecture will be presented in form of design 2d and design 3d, enriching visual outlook and making the building task handover to your developer goes easier.